Meet the Cau Maa’, literally Authentic Men or Son of Man, in their forest home in southern Vietnam. Officially listed as one of fifty-four ethnic groups of Vietnam the Cau Maa’ belong to the Austro-Asiatic ethno-linguistic group. They call themselves descendants of K'Kang the Magnificent, a legendary figure in the ancient Maa’ Confederation. During last century, their territory was a chaotic maze of steep mountains covered with deep, wild jungles; the spiritual center of this impenetrable forest, The Domain of the Genies (called the Explorer’s Tomb, or reversed jungle by the French) was finally explored in 1952 by French ethnographer Jean Boulbet.
Accompanied by Cau Maa’ trackers, discover this land of mystery. Hike through the formerly impassable Prööng
forest, now part of the Cat Tien National Park, a tropical forest and biosphere reserve. Traverse the glorious vegetation that grows in rich black soil and visit the Bat Cave on your way to a volcano summit. Follow a stream that meanders along rice fields and orchards before settling in a traditional Cau Maa’ Longhouse (Ta Lai Longhouse). Relax by a fire at night and listen spellbound to Cau Maa’ stories and legends

Phnom Samkor are granite formations which cover a large portion of southwestern Cambodia. They are part of the Krâvanh Mountains, literally the Cardamom Mountains, dominated by Mount Aural, at 1,813 meters in the east. The area is one of the largest wilderness in mainland Southeast Asia and home to a remarkable number of endangered species, including rare elephants, tigers and Malaysian bears in its deepest parts.
Trek across this untouched wildlife sanctuary, which remained inaccessible during years of conflict in Cambodia and became one of the last strongholds of the Khmer Rouge after they lost power in 1979. Follow trails that snake through the rugged terrain covered with dense equatorial rainforest and upper montane forest. Finally, walk along high elevation marshes and streams bordered by ancient majestic trees on the way to your pristine island escape in the Gulf of Siam



Located in the lush shadow of iconic Konia trees, Lak Tented Camp is a slice of tranquility perched on hills overlooking the serene and picturesque Lak Lake, the second largest natural lake in Vietnam. Protected by the Chu Yang Sin range, high point of the southern Annamite Cordillera, the comfortable tents are a harmonious combination of rustic elegance with breathtaking views of the lake and first-class service.
Absorb the gracious cultural and scenic diversity of the Lak
-Lak region with its undulating mountains, marshy wetlands, and magnificent forests, formerly known as the land of Mnông Gar and Bih people. Take a bike tour across enchanting tea and coffee plantations on the way to a Mnông village in the foothills of the Chu Yang Sin National Park. Discover the local art of pottery and basketwork before hiking to a stunning waterfall. At dawn, interact with an elephant while soaking up the wondrous natural surroundings
Long Tieng is a former military base located in Xiang Khouang province in northern Laos. During the Laotian Civil War (1963-1975), aka the Secret War, it served as a headquarters for the Hmông Major General Vang Pao from the Royal Lao Army, then as a town and airbase operated by the Central Intelligence Agency. During this time, it was also referred to as Lima Site 98, Lima Site 20A, or Spook Heaven for outsiders. For a time, Long Tien was the most secret spot on earth, which resembled nowhere on the planet as much as the mythical paradise of Shangri-La.
Embark on a two-day trip to discover the remains of Long Tieng secret city, which at the height of its significance in the late 1960s had a population of 40,000 inhabitants – making it the second largest town in the country at the time, although it never appeared on maps throughout this period. Visit the former runway where men and aircraft came and went, with seemingly endless traffic. Explore its curious city, a contradictory mixture of ancient and modern built in a valley which lay in a perfect bowl surrounded by high mountains and boundless green jungle

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