A series of production notes about Indochinese peninsula last frontiers. Enigmatic entity preserved of the last ten decades by their inaccessibility, the last frontiers form an ensemble of rough mountains, isolated wilderness and primeval forests, evanescent worlds, silent guardians of ancestral times and occasionally haven of rare ethnic groups. Since the early nineteen’s, Secret Indochina production department has studied and explored these frontiers, for several, has been created special adventure programs and sustainable projects. Other ought to remain in their protective shadows

Upper Xekong is located in southern Laos, in an Annamese cordillera occidental meander constituted of rugged landscapes, long southward oriented mountain ridges, profound valleys, impetuous rivers, uninhabitable forests and mythical groves: a wild land forming a natural obstacle to the world uncertain influences, an unseen Laotian small Amazonia, lost paradise of some southern Proto-Indochinese Katu clans. From 2011, Secret Indochina production department leaded various surveys in its heart, consequently has created special ethnographic and adventure programs amongst Katu people

An exclusive soft-adventure excursion inner Nui Chua, the northeastern region of old Panduranga, Champa last meridional kingdom. Discover Nui Chua National Park, rare ensemble of summits, high-ridges and granitic promontories covered by maritime or evergreen forests, wilderness flanking cliffs, bays, islands, rocky-islets and South China deep blue sea, in olden times known as Panduranga sea. 
Commence the excursion on a path meandering across arid-bush and maritime-woods, land of the Raglais, Austronesian people once connected with the Chams. Reach a desert white sand beach nestled in a narrow bay; continue southwards on a splendid promontory roofed by a labyrinth of red granite rocks eroded by typhoons and the near-constant oceanic winds. Finally, walk along a narrow trail shadowed by a lush maritime-forest; embrace unique views on southern Nui Chua wild shoreline


Recognized as intangible and oral masterpiece heritages of humanity by UNESCO, Gong Festival is held in Vietnam Central Highlands, every two years in November, featuring thirty regional and domestic gong troupes including Edes, Jarais, Cohos, Mnongs, Bahnars and Cau Maa’. Made of brass, gold, silver or bronze, gong are considered as musical instruments of power and wealth, mainly associated to all major animist rites (buffalo sacrifices, funerals, harvest) and before with war; they are also perceived as a manifestation of a god or a genie growing more powerful as the gong is older. Nowadays, the largest ceremonies occur in Dak Lak province, showcasing famous gong orchestras performing as a means to communicate with gods and divinities, through a secret language between men and supernatural world


Song Saa island emerges like a natural jewel in Koh Rong waters, an untouched gulf of Siam archipelago. Bordered by deserted havens of rainforests, tropical reefs, glistening white beaches and a marine reserve, Song Saa hideaway offers luxury services coupled with a wide panel of activities: from sunrise-yoga to kayak towards isolated inlets, botanical excursion across primeval forest and snorkeling around magnificent coral reefs with tropical fishes wandering in azure waters
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