About Secret Indochina

Secret Indochina was established in 2011, following the encounter of Tran Quang Hieu and Nicolas Vidal, two professionals passionate about authentic and impactful travel. Secret Indochina, Destination Management Company branch of Amica JSC, strives to lead travellers to outstanding sites, magical places, and little-known ethnic communities...

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Secret Indochina is an innovative partner for travel agents, the company focuses on customized voyages through exclusive Secret Experiences and various inventing programs. Creativity, high-quality, responsiveness and ability to answer to the most sophisticated and demanding requests are commitments commonly shared with partners... See More


Secret Indochina is a human-scale company with a collection of about a hundred experience-minded travel experts who are dedicated to share Southeast Asia beauty through its most awe-inspiring landscapes, cultural heritages and people. With our extensive operation teams in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia, we ensure the highest quality service on the ground... See More

Sustainable Projects

The link between tourism, genuine local immersions and sustainable development enhances the travel experience by creating more meaningful and authentic cultural encounters through learning, sharing and giving back. From the Thong Nong Project to the Communities Project, Secret Indochina has developed four sustainable programs across Indochinese Peninsula... See More