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Sustainable Projects

Fair trade tourism : aware of the growing concern for sustainable development in the eyes of travelers, we are vigorously committed towards being a responsible travel company by developing several activities: 

  • Supporting projects for disadvantaged communities: rebuilding villages, houses restoration, providing school necessities as well as paying the school fee.
  • Establish responsible tours that help travelers to come into contact with local life within Indochinese peninsula. From 2011 to 2015, Secret Indochina has funded about twenty families and villages to create a sustainable micro-economy that help these communities’ inhabitants to reach a standard that allows them to welcome travelers.
  • Partner with service providers that respect our responsible travel company charter.
  • Implement an attractive wage policy as well as a socially responsible work process standard.



Secret Indochina has set up a project to create a micro-economy for Thong Nong inhabitants and to assist them in the restitution of their habitat patrimony. Located northwestern of Cao Bang province, bordering China, Thong Nong range is a unique succession of limestone peaks and remote valleys scattered in a wild manner. Made of majestic chalky peaks, the area houses Hmông, Tay, Nung and Dao. These ethnic groups are living in autarky right in the heart of glistening valleys.


Secret Indochina established an educational program for disadvantaged children in Boping village, Kampong Thom province. $180 per year, are allowed for twenty students with necessities such as a uniform, books, and pencils, as well as paying the fee for school.


Its purpose is to create a sustainable economy
 for Ban Paleng, an Upper Xekong Katu hamlet, to promote the conservation and 
promotion of fragile katouic cultural heritage and offer medical assistant for the youth. Located in Southern Laos, Upper Xekong is Indochina last remaining virgin zone, deep inside Annamitic cordillera, in a hilly landscape composed of small valleys and impetuous torrents, making a natural barrier to modern word influences; an ultimate border, Proto-Indochinese ethnic minorities last sanctuary.


The aim is to develop immersion programs in partnership with local communities, including ethnic minorities, across Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Secret Indochina is funding several houses, families and villages to create a sustainable micro-economy to revitalize the rural economy in some remote and unspoiled areas. The project helps locals to reach a standard that allows them to welcome travellers. Since 2011, this project has worked with a dozen of communities, creating a community network across Indochina.

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