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Secret Indochina is a human-scale company with a collection of about a hundred experience-minded travel experts who are dedicated to share Southeast Asia beauty through its most awe-inspiring landscapes, cultural heritages and people. With our extensive operation teams in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia, we ensure the highest quality service on the ground.

  • Product Development. A team of highly experienced professionals who are since more than two decades focused on seeking new authentic cultural experiences and soft-adventure activities in outstanding and magical sites. These passionate researchers also build imaginative itineraries along with a strict selection of service providers that respect our values.
  • Operation Team. Our Business Development team strive to match our partner’s needs such as : creating tours for their product line, custom-built quotations, providing a variety of materials within Indochinese peninsula as well as group registration managing ; while our Reservation department operates tours, book service providers and ensures the steady progress of journeys.
  • Local Guides. Together with these qualified teams, Secret Indochina provides around fifty-or-so professional guides and trackers over three countries, divided into specialized sub-teams and strictly selected for their knowledge, professional attitude as well as their values.

© Credit paintings: Dabadie Henri, Duyet Nguyen Huu, Forbes J., Fouqueray Charles, Le Pho, Leulier Steve, Mège Henri, North Marianne, Trahan A.J

About us