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Product Development

Since more than two decades, our highly experienced professionals are focused on exploring and seeking new authentic - cultural experiences. Such as treasure hunters, knowledgeable about the ground, we build inventive bespoke itineraries along with the selection of service providers that respect our values. Our love for Southeast Asia countries combined with a common passion for travel lead us to offer unforgettable and original journeys including genuine human encounters, and the ensuing cultural exchanges. Our taste for innovation and knowledge of regions we operate in motivate us to design programs that immerse travelers into little known minorities lives nestled in charming natural sites, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, sometimes last unexplored human sanctuaries.

Explorations notes

A series of production notes about Indochinese peninsula last frontiers. Enigmatic entity preserved of the last ten decades by their inaccessibility, the last frontiers form an ensemble of rough mountains, isolated wilderness and primeval forests, evanescent worlds, silent guardians of ancestral times and occasionally haven of rare ethnic groups. Since the early nineteen’s, Secret Indochina production department have studied and explored these frontiers, for several, have been created special adventure programs and sustainable projects. Other ought to remain in their protective shadows.

Upper Xekong - Laotian small Amazonia

The Domain - a Vietnamese last frontier

Phu Pha Thi - Lima Site 85